well, hello again!

it's been aaaages since i updated here, or even played the sims. i really do miss it so much though. i'm not even sure who's still around in ts2 community, and if anyone's even reading this... but i just wanted to say hey, & hope you're all doing well. i'm not going to pressure myself into making another legacy right away, but someday i'd definitely like to start another one and share it here. :) before i get back into the game though, i need to get my custom content sorted out, which is a huge pain because... it takes forever as you all know. i just deleted some old entries, but i'm keeping the Finch legacy up (at this point, i don't think it's worth continuing). anyways, you will see me around in the community soon. ♥

uh oh.

I am such a bad updater and commenter right now :( i've been sucked into another game for a while, but I will get round to updating soon!

on a side note, would anyone be interested in reading another kind of legacy from me? i'm thinking ISBI and/or uglacy with a theme, but i'm open to suggestions.
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Aubrey (founder)

The Finch Legacy 2:2

Last update on the Finch legacy, we saw Aubrey whine some more and acquire a stalker, while Sterling adopted a kitty then their kids, Esme & Boyd, did a little bit of growing up. I left off with Aubrey going into labour for the third time...

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grr argh.

I have more than enough pics for the next update... but I just feel so unmotivated right now. the Finches moved into a brand new house which I had to do a bit of renovating to, because my video card apparently hates some of the custom doors & windows that came with it. anyway they're all settled in, when I get a BSOD while changing an outfit. this is a huge pain because 1) I don't remember when I last saved (but I save pretty often) and 2) my game takes ages to load as I have way too much CC.

so I will get round to updating, but I think i'll play TS3 for a day or two. I miss my sims already though :P

next update.

hi guys, hope you're all doing well.

just a quick post to say, firstly.. big thanks for your comments on my first post, I really do appreciate them :) and secondly, I mentioned to a few of you that 2:1 would be here now. i've been feeling sick today & only just got round to editing pics, so it should be here tomorrow!
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delayed introduction.

I made this journal some time ago, with the intent of sharing my legacy & other sims-related projects... but due to real life circumstances it didn't happen and I had to take a bit of a break from my beloved sims. :( anyway, now i'm back and pondering posting a legacy for the first time, but idk if anyone will read it with TS3 coming out in.. 2 days? anyway if anyone's reading this watch this space or whatever, i'll be posting something soon!
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